Why Your Startup should participate in a Contest ?

Startups generally need to carry customers, revenues and funds to hatch, grow and become sustainable. This implies communicate well and become known for having the right metrics, a good traction and greater customer loyalty. However, communication and capturing visitors and customers takes time and considerable financial resources that a fundraiser can bring. Startups must be able to afford the time, visibility and resources.

The only solution is to get quickly a good reputation for credibility and to attract the financial resources to hold out long enough for the activity to take off and grow .

Our value proposition is the conjonction of these two main needs of startups : the notoriety and financial means !


  • How to get the notoriety and financial resources to develop a project startup ?​

The fame comes by obtaining prices, awards, disctinctions , articles and viral marketing to influencers , bloggers and entourage.

The best product , idea or service without hearing, distribution and brand awareness will have no chance to break through. Get award and awards in the rich ecosystem of local and globalized startups is ultimately a prerequisite.

  • Why startups that are above the podium all received prizes, awards and distinctions ?

Get an award or a prize from an Large industrial Group automatically generates fame, the hearing and the results ... and that irresistibly attracts investors (business angels , venture capital and development, corporate) . Often , price competition winners and Corporate interest which then end up becoming customers of their solutions and may take a stake in the winning startups.

  • What is the winning startups interested media and influencers who talk about social media and drain vertiginously more and more users ?

As always , success breeds success . It is also said that the first million is the hardest . Thus, the first award brings other titles and success. We like to relay messages achievements of those who have innovated , created and had success . Talking or writing about a startup of all , is a difficult choice for a journalist, blogger or influencer . Get an award can stand out , climb the podium, having relevance to deserve to occupy the media space.

Do not wait , join the next " Open Innovation Contests " organized by NewDartagnan Major Groups and partners in your industry. First fill your whole executive summary form, and then register to the current contest as soon as you are ready.

NewDartagnan creates several opportunities for startups by allowing them to :
- Meet their future clients or potential partners and pitcher during Demoday ,
- To have an evaluation of their project and get a prize as an award and / or capital ,
- Be able to communicate via social networks and online and offline media.


Why should a Large Corporate organize and carry a Contest ?

Large companies are aware that the life cycles of products and services are becoming shorter. Competition at the highest level is unforgiving to miss tomorrow's innovation or disruptive change in approach (eg Uberisation of the economy), at the risk of disappearing. What future for a television manufacturer who would have remained focused on CRT without looking to new technologies (Plasma, LCD, LED, OLED ...)?

An innovative startup may become a competitor tomorrow or be taken over by the competitor. We saw the GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) make equity and buy innovative startups. We all have in mind the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook or Google Waze.

Some of investments and redemptions: Google or Facebook.

In Europe, some industry groups have bought stakes or acquisitions also conducted all business sectors. The latest are: OuiCar by SNCF, Leetchi / Mangopay by Crédit Mutuel Arkea, qwant by the German media group Axel Springer ...

Increasingly, Major Groups interested in innovative startups. This ranges from the acquisition of their products, using their services, calls to expertise and creative intelligence, technology transfer, Open Innovation and even external growth (equity participation, financing development, redemption), more opportunities increasingly considered by decision makers. Tax exemption and tax credit schemes for awards and investments in an innovative start promoting business intentions.


Why an Investor could he be interested in a Startup having been awarded in a Contest ?

Private and institutional investors , aim the equation or winning formula that would make them take less risk in their investment with the greatest likelihood of achieving an exit ( sale of their interests after X years ) the most successful possible. Bet and invest on a successful team , selection , pitch and getting a prize or an award given by a Grand Group , is reassuring . Moreover, if it becomes a client or group acquires stake in the startup , the idea of ​​investing or co- investing is facilitated. Thus, a price can lead to the valuation of a project and a fundraiser.

Each investor receives each year tens , hundreds and sometimes thousands of startups projects. The selection and arbitration is facilitated when startups were able to interest previously a Corporate.

Major Groups and Investors dream about finding the next successful startups or even better next Licorne (as Uber, Airbnb , Lending Club , ...). Innovative and high-potential Startups need hearing, recognition and early success to take off, then they need capital to accelerate their growth.

NewDartagnan value proposition has to contribute to all these expectations. It is here and now, that the popular catchphrase "One for All and All for One" makes sense.